Culinary: Archives and Research Institutions

This category highlights the culinary history sources housed in New Orleans archives and research libraries. The New Orleans Culinary History Group is based out of the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, Nadine Vorhoff Library; the research group’s greatest accomplishment to date, the annotated New Orleans Cookbook Bibliography, is a highlight of this online collection. Over the last several years of work, the group’s research work has generated a number of useful finding aids and other materials, all of which are available through the Nadine Vorhoff Library. A recently completed finding aid for materials offered by the Louisiana State Museum, Louisiana Historical Center, is another featured element.

Historic New Orleans Collection

Laudeman, Susan. “A Preliminary Report on the Historic New Orleans Collection (HNOC) Project, A Dollop of History in Every Bite, 2005-2007”. HNOC, 2007.
Laudeman, Susan R, and Historic New Orleans Collection. Elegant Entertaining Along St. Charles Avenue: Authentic Menus and 1890’s Recipes from the Garden District of New Orleans. New Orleans, LA: Historic New Orleans Collection, 1994.
Laussat, Pierre-Clément de. Memoirs of My Life to My Son During the Years 1803 and After, Which I Spent in Public Service in Louisiana as Commissioner of the French Government for the Retrocession to France of That Colony and for Its Transfer to the United States. Historic New Orleans Collection Monograph Series. Baton Rouge, LA: Published for the Historic New Orleans Collection by the Louisiana State University Press, 1978.
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Internet Archive

Bureau of Education. Special Report by the Bureau of Education. Educational Exhibits and Conventions at the World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans, 1884-’85. United States Office of Education, n.d.
Soards Guide Book Illustrated, and Street Guide of New Orleans. New Orleans, LA: L. Soards, 1885.

Library of Congress

Jefferson, Martha. “Holograph Manuscript Notebook, 1772-1782”, n.d. Library of Congress.

LOUISiana Digital Library

“LOUISiana Digital Library”, n.d.

Louisiana State Museum, Lousiana Historical Center

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LSU (including Special Collections)

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New Orleans Public Library, Louisiana Division

“Department of Public Markets Miscellaneous Files”, n.d.
“French Market Corporation Records”, n.d.
“Louisiana Photograph Collection”, n.d.
“Louisiana Photograph Collection–Recent Additions”, n.d.
“Menu Collection and Restaurant Memorabilia”, n.d.
“New Orleans Alcoholic Beverage Control Board: An Inventory of Its Records at the City Archives, New Orleans Public Library”, n.d.
“New Orleans Health Department Records”, n.d.
“Rare Vertical File Index Louisiana Division, New Orleans Public Library”, n.d.
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Tulane University (Special Collections, Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, Nadine Vorhoff Library)

Baudier, Roger. “Joseph Roger Baudier Papers, 1935-1961”, n.d.
———. “New Orleans Master Bakers Protective Association, 1892-1952, Together with a General Review of Origin and Development of the Baking Industry in Old New Orleans, 1722-1892”, n.d. Tulane University Special Collections.
“Cookbook and Culinary History Collection”, n.d. Tulane University Special Collections, Nadine Vorhoff Library.
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University of New Orleans (Special Collections, Library)

“Carnaval Interamericano (Latino) Collection”, n.d.
“Charles Dennery Co. Collection”, n.d.
“Charles Perrier Collection”, n.d.
“Collections Related to Restaurants and Food”, n.d.
“Food, Subject Guide, Louisiana and Special Collections”, n.d.
“Jax Brewery Collection”, n.d.
“Joseph Macheca Collection”, n.d.
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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Gutierrez, C. Paige. “Foodways and Cajun Identity”, 1985.

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