Bibliography: Rap/Hip-hop (Music)

Print and Website Sources

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Sound Recordings

Cheeky Blakk. F**k Bein’ Faithful. Audio CD. Tombstone Records, 1996.

———. Let Me Get That Outcha. Audio CD. Bmg Japan, 1996.

Code 6. Let’s Go Get Em. Audio CD. Varrio Slang, 1998.

Hotboy Ronald. Walk Like Ronald. Audio CD. King’s Entertainment, 2002.

Jubilee, D. J. Bouncin All Over The World. Audio CD. Take Fo, 1999.

Juvenile. 400 Degreez. Audio CD. Cash Money, 1998.

Katey Red. Y2 Katey. Audio CD. Take Fo Records, 2000.

Lady Red. Lady Red. Audio CD. On Song, 1996.

Lady Unique. Froggy Style. Audio CD. Top Down, 2000.

Lil Goldie. Act a Donkey on a. Audio CD. Mobo, 1997.

Mia X. Good Girl Gone Bad. Audio CD. Priority Records, 1995.

Ms. Tee. Female Baller. Audio CD. Cash Money Records, n.d.

———. Having Thing$!! Audio CD. Cash Money, 1998.

Mystikal. Ghetto Fabulous. Audio CD. Jive, 1998.

———. Let’s Get Ready. Audio CD. Jive, 2000.

Ricky B. Let’s Go Gitt’em. Audio CD. Mobo Entertainment, 1996.

Soulja Slim. Give It 2 ‘Em Raw. Audio CD. Priority Records, 1998.

U.N.L.V. 6th & Baronne. Audio CD. Cash Money, 1998.

———. Greatest Hits – With New Songs. Audio CD. Cash Money, 1997.

Various Artists. Down South Hustlers: Bouncin’ And Swingin’ Tha Value Pack Compilation. Audio CD. Priority Records, 1995.

Film and Video

“Solja Rag” video, 2008.

Code 6 – Let Go Get Em (Produced By Ice Mike), 2008.

D J Jimi -Where They At? – video, 2009.

Da Rangaz – Get On Down – Last Chance Records, 2008.

Devious aka Mr. Freestyle f/ Bustdown – The Club Scene, 2008.

FADER TV: An Interview With Big Freedia, 2009.

Fours, Deuces and Trays [Version 1], 2008.

Fours, Deuces and Trays [Version 2], 2008.

Full Pack featuring Precise – Give You What You Need, 2008.

Josephine Johnny – Workin It Sumthin, 2008.

Mannie Fresh Interview + Crazy Freestyle! – Thisis50 Exclusive, 2008.

Mystikal – Here I Go [DIRECTOR’S CUT], 2008.

Mystikal – Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet [DIRECTOR’S CUT], 2008.

New Orleans BOUNCE: Da Sha Ra Pt. 1, 2009.

New Orleans BOUNCE: Da Sha Ra Pt. 2, 2009.

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