Bibliography: Civil War and Reconstruction

New Orleans in many ways was at the center of Civil War and Reconstruction conflict. Captured by Union forces in 1862, the city provided the Union army with some of its first black recruits, organized as separate companies of former slaves and free men of color, the Louisiana Native Guard (later Corps d’Afrique). Events critical to understanding the larger story of Reconstruction unfolded in New Orleans, including the early experiments with Presidential Reconstruction; the 1866 race riot that precipitated Congressional Reconstruction; and the 1874 “Battle of Liberty Place,” which presaged the end of formal Reconstruction. The only black Reconstruction governor and three lieutenant governors were elected from the city’s black population and were among the nation’s first black elected public officials. Research on this period of New Orleans history has broadened to include a variety of groups and the ways they influenced and were impacted by these events.

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